Back in Southwestern Colorado

Now we feel like we are back in Colorado! We overnight parked the Travato next to Havelin Lake, a bit north of Durango on the Million Dollar Highway.
We enjoyed relaxing by the lake and enjoying the scenery.
And watched the Sun set and the lake become calm. All kinds of birds were present but we did not see any large animals.
Just north of Ouray we spotted some waterfalls worth stopping the Travato to take a look.
This is the road we just came down the mountain on and then stitched together this vertical panorama of the falls.
We headed to Ridgeway, Montrose and then to a lunch hike at Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area.
But the weather turned and we did not want to get stuck climbing out on the dirt road with the Travato. On we went to Grand Junction.
And met up with our friends to hike this beautiful trail in McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. (our pictures from last September)


The red tail hawk was waiting to pounce on some school kids! He is a bit stuffed… but was still pleasant to look at.
Oh but this was alive alive Oh… cool
Were we talking too much and not paying attention to where the trail turned?
Photo at the mid point of the Devil’s Canyon trail.
Should we check out this real estate? It is need of some TLC but the views are grand.
Indian paintbrush – isn’t this lovely?!
A full moon over Colorado National Monument after being guest chefs.


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