Wisconsin – Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

16-08-12 -118

We stopped in Washburn and met up with a friend of a friend who grew up there – she had some great history to share with us, especially about the brownstones. We visited the National park headquarters in Bayfield before working our way to Cornucopia.

16-08-12 -119

We really enjoyed their harbor – it was a nice park area with an artesian well.

16-08-12 -120

Meyers Beach hike in the National Lake Shore had some outstanding vistas.

16-08-12 -122

Fun to see the kayakers going into some of the caves.

16-08-12 -123

They gave us a sense of scale.

16-08-12 -124

And we could see where to look for the sea caves and arches.

16-08-12 -127

The scenery was spectacular. It was an overcast day so not great distance views.

16-08-12 -128

But enough visibility!

16-08-12 -132

They said they were trying to set a record for number of hammocks above each other.

16-08-12 -140

Looking back on our lunch rock – it was a very nice place to hang out!

16-08-13 -143

We hung around for Corny Day – a nice group of people set up for the flea market and an equal number came to check out the wares.

16-08-13 -145

But it was really for the food that we came.

16-08-13 -146

We waited almost an hour for the fresh fish but it was worth it! They keep serving until they run out (which is before people get tired of eating it, we are told).

16-08-13 -148

Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it!

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