Visiting Minneapolis Area

16-08-15 -166

We stayed at my uncle’s who has a condo on a lake. We made cherry pies over the fire while watching the sunset.

16-08-16 -167

And what a great sunset! This was actually from their balcony after we went inside.

16-08-14 -165

My aunt: Let me brace myself as there is a lot of wave action on this pontoon boat!

16-08-17 -171

But she got the shot! Our “snow bird” friends we met in Tucson came over for a ride on the lake and lunch. Good fun!

16-08-16 -168

We went on a bike ride to Stillwater, the birthplace of Minneapolis. It was a bit humid but I guess it is true, we don’t melt, even though it feels like it!

16-08-18 -008

We went to St Anthony Falls which is a national park site in Minneapolis.

16-08-18 -002

They no longer use the locks but this is one of the largest drops of water in the Mississippi.

16-08-18 -004

This is an old stone bridge and there is a park there as well telling about the history of the flour mills.

16-08-18 -006

We went down the river a bit to Lock Number 5 and enjoyed exploring that area as well.

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