Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


16-08-04 -081
This is the second time we have traveled together to the UP so we have some different things to see.
16-08-04 -082
We found a little lake (Brevort) with a put in site to make our stop for the night
16-08-04 -083
Really peaceful sunset
16-08-05 -084
Lunch on Lake Michigan – does it look much different?
16-08-07 -090
Hugoboom Lake was our site for three nights. It is in Hiawatha National Forest. We swam in the lake, walked around the lake , chatted with fishermen and others that stopped by.
16-08-07 -091
The color of the lake at sunset was amazing – it go so still and reflective.
16-08-07 -087
Early morning mist was also very interesting.
16-08-07 -088
Chef is making pancakes…with fresh raspberries!
16-08-07 -089
Another peaceful evening
16-08-05 -085
These are the best photos and you know we took many more!
16-08-08 -092
We went up Christmas lighthouse for our first glimpse of lake Superior.
16-08-08 -097
We walked a local nature trail to find this fun waterfall.
16-08-08 -100
Miners Rock in Pictured Rock National Lake shore. The color is superb and the kayakers added a nice sense of scale.
16-08-08 -101
Beautiful day!
16-08-08 -103
In both directions!
16-08-08 -104
Another waterfall
16-08-08 -105
A really pretty sunset even though we were not on the water.
16-08-09 -106
Early morning on Lake Superior.
16-08-09 -107
We can’t believe how calm the water is.
16-08-09 -108
In Marquette along the shore, where we had a picnic lunch.
16-08-10 -112
Shaken, not Stirred: The name is Bond. Bond Falls.
16-08-10 -117
Bond Falls camp site on the reservoir created by the power company – really a nice spot to hang out. There was also a lot of firewood so we polished off a few s’mores!


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