Lake Michigan in the Lower Peninsula

16-07-29 -033
Manistee National Forest coastline
16-07-29 -034
Summer doesn’t get much better than this!
16-07-29 -040
Relaxing until sunset – well worth the wait!
16-07-31 -060
We found a quiet cool dispersed site in the woods – stayed for 4 nights. The solar panels struggled to keep the battery charged but we slept so well. Nice to have a break from the heat.
16-07-30 -044
Nordic Dunes Wilderness – we enjoyed a day hike along the shore.
16-07-30 -050
And hung out for another gorgeous sunset!
16-07-31 -057
Michigan Recreation Area beach.
16-07-31 -055
Dunes protect all the shoreline.
16-07-31 -061
Can’t get tired of this!
16-08-01 -062
Manistee Light House where we hung out for lunch  – along with many others.
16-08-01 -065
This is a nice looking sunset but looks like the sun won’t melt into the lake.
16-08-01 -067
Ohhh – looks like we might have some delayed color…
16-08-01 -068
This is an “end of the world” sky! Unbelievable!
16-08-02 -069
A viewpoint of the coast – an easy hike just up some stairs!
16-08-02 -070
Another lighthouse.
16-08-03 -074
Do I look like I am captain of the ship? My grandfather was a cook on the freighters….not sure I could get used to that lifestyle.
16-08-03 -075
A life saving demonstration where Raggedy Ann got saved first while Andy clung on a bit longer.
16-08-03 -076
All the helpers pulled them to shore – good fun.
16-08-03 -077
Another sunset at Sleeping Bear Sand Dune area – our final on Lake Michigan. People had bonfires on the beach and I remember doing that as a kid. I would be cold and dripping wet from swimming while roasting a hot dog. We also did the dune climb every summer – before it was a National Lake Shore
16-08-04 -079
Lunch at the Mighty Mac bridge watching the Edmund Fitzgerald go underneath.

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