Michigan Visits


16-07-23 -001
Visitng family and friends – and a class reunion. It is very hot!
16-07-28 -030
The architects
16-07-27 -016
The new Frederick Meyer Japanese gardens with fun sculptures
16-07-27 -014
Beautiful reflections…
16-07-27 -021
Not a selfie!
16-07-28 -032
How far did we walk to see this Caulder sculpture? How many times has Mom done the walk? Ha! At least we got to relax for a nice water front lunch. Also we toured the recently renovated Gerald Ford Museum…did not see any mention of Vail.
16-07-27 -006
Some 1950 Fords – what fun colors!
16-07-27 -010
More fun reflections…
16-08-02 -074
Cherries and blueberries and sweet corn. Yum! We are eating well 😉
16-08-02 -073
High School friend took us around Crystal lake – fun to relax there and hang out!
16-08-03 -071
A wonderful 101 year old friend of the family and his daughter – how fun it was to visit and give a hug.

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