Historic Sights In Illinois

16-07-20 -285
In Moline, Rock Island Army Base had an interesting Arsenal Museum and Corp of Engineers Waterway museum at the Mississippi Lock. We were lucky to see this 2-part barge and tugboat going through.

The historic bridge pivots to let the tugboat through after the two barges reconnect. We were thrilled with our timing to see this during the hour we were there.

16-07-20 -288
Further down the road we stopped at Hennepin Canal State Park to see the locks on this historic canal.
16-07-20 -287
The bridge had a 4-ton limit so we were good for crossing!
16-07-21 -290
We parked overnight along the canal with this picturesque view.
16-07-21 -292
Pullman NHS near Chicago is a new addition to the Park System but the community has been working on conserving it for many years. This factory will be the future visitor center.
16-07-21 -294
It was a factory town but constructed to entice people to be a part of the community.
16-07-21 -295
A variety of housing styles.
16-07-21 -296
They used different bricks on each home to provide individualism.
16-07-21 -297
There is awesome community spirit. Most of the homes have been restored by their owners.
16-07-21 -299
Indiana Dunes national Seashore provides a view of the distant Chicago skyline.
16-07-21 -301
The bog area adjacent to the Dunes has been preserved as well.
16-07-21 -304
St Joesph Harbor Lighthouse was our chosen spot for our evening stop.

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