On the road again

16-07-12 -261

Colorado National Monument. We brought the MINI here and didn’t want any sibling rivalry. It is truly a favorite

16-07-12 -260

To have views like this! So glad it was preserved.

16-07-16 -262

The family car wash…the van also got oil change, tires rotated and balanced as well as the starter switch recall. In Grand Junction, it had a new Auto Transfer Switch installed so we can now use shore power. Nice to make sure the warranty work gets taken care of in a timely manner.

16-07-16 264 Dinner Party Tim & Kris

An evening with friends. It is difficult to make time for everything but we have tried to organize a few quality visits as all of our friends are important to us!

16-07-18 -265

After a night with my other nephew’s family in Kansas, we came across the geographical center of the contiguous states near Lebanon.

16-07-18 -267

This is the actual spot but a ranger told us it is really about 200′ from here in the corn field. Close enough for me.

16-07-19 -272

We homesteaded in Beatrice and then headed to the state capitol of Nebraska – gorgeous building

16-07-19 -274

Sterling J Morton was the author of Arbor Day and there is the beautiful Steinhart park next to his historic home in Nebraska City.

16-07-19 -275

We thought we would lunch along the Missouri River and found this replica of the Louis and Clark keel boat (the one made for the IMAX movie)

16-07-19 -277

Look Meriwether! So interesting to contemplate their journey.

16-07-19 -278

This makes our Travato look spacious – and definitely not as much work.

16-07-20 -283

Really nice to visit family along the way. Such gracious hospitality!

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