Sneffels Wilderness / Uncompaghre National Forest

16-07-12 -258
Wilamot Valley has views to dream about. Wow! We strolled to this beaver pond in the early morning.
16-07-09 -225
The Travato found a great parking place! We stayed put for three nights.
16-07-11 -253
We watched photographers come and take pictures of us…well probably, unlike us, they cropped out the Travato.
16-07-09 -226
We could enjoy some river time…tho the mosquitos kindav liked this spot as well.
16-07-11 -254
One night some horses were brought in and added a beautiful touch to the valley.
16-07-11 -257
They were more interested in the grass than the view.
16-07-10 -232
The start of the hike to Blue Lake. This is a hugely popular trail and we were really glad to have walked the mile to the trailhead rather than try to park.
16-07-10 -233
A couple backpackers asked for their photo here so they reciprocated by taking this one of us.
16-07-10 -234
A panarama view. Amazing colors. It did not feel real.
16-07-10 -240
We decided to take a cue from the marmot and just sun ourselves on a rock
16-07-10 -238
Life is good!
16-07-10 -236
Especially with views like this. True Prisma colors.
16-07-10 -241
More columbines in bloom, along the banks of the crystal clear water.
16-07-11 -252
The second day we hiked to Baine Basin which is the next valley over.
16-07-11 -251
There were many river crossings but all were nicely fashioned with sturdy bridges.
16-07-11 -245
Our first view of the valley – there were so many waterfalls!
16-07-10 -242
We hung out on a rock with this view – a bit closer to the water.
16-07-11 -248
Colorful wildflowers. We loved this magenta variety of Paint Brush.
16-07-10 -243
Another evening stroll in the valley before turning in. I think we need to come back in the fall and see this valley with the aspens. It is a new favorite spot…we are collecting them.


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