Uncompaghre National Forest

16-07-07 -208
After exploring Cedar Edge and Montrose, CO, we found a parking spot with a view of the valley for two nights.
16-07-08 -217
We enjoyed a day hike exploring the area. There were 4-wheel drive roads that were the most rugged classification – not at all suitable for the Travato – or probably any vehicle that you wanted to keep!
16-07-07 -210
Sunset on the first night.
16-07-08 -220
The second sunset was equally beautiful.
16-07-09 -222
Outside of Ridgway, CO we hiked around this beautiful sculpture at the Dennis Weaver Park.
16-07-09 -221
It has a 20-foot wing span and was commissioned as a memorial on the park land set aside that connects Ridgway with the State Park
16-07-09 -224
We are seizing the moment and soaring with our Travato.


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