Arkansas River area

16-06-13 -091

We parked overnight at Rainbow Trail Head above Salida. Really we are not making this up as this storm went by us.

16-06-14 -094

This cute little guy greeted us at the start of the hike the next morning.

16-06-14 -093

The view of Salida from the hike with a yucca in bloom

16-06-14 -095

We moved north of Buena Vista with this view above the Arkansas River.

16-06-14 -096

We saw lots of kayakers – this was before the big weekend of the first Dissent festival.

16-06-18 -103

We headed to Denver for a family filled weekend at my nephew’s including a 7th birthday party, and Father’s Day. It was very hot but we got a parking place for the MINI and loaded the van with items we couldn’t carry with us on the plane to Texas.


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