Cache de la Poudre / Roosevelt National Forest

16-06-21 -111
We spent a night in Ft Collins with friends we had met in Tucson – had a great time and slept in their driveway! We then worked our way up the Cache de la Poudre National Scenic River – the only one in Colorado. It is running full and many were enjoying it.
16-06-22 -117
The Cache de la Poudre Falls. We stopped many times along the river to enjoy it.
16-06-22 -112
We camped about 3 miles from the Shambala Center so did a tour around it in the morning. Very beautiful setting surrounded by the National Forest.
16-06-22 -118
We turned at Chambers Lake to follow the Laramie River towards Wyoming. Beautiful country!
16-06-24 -131
We found a Lost Lake along the way where we enjoyed some tranquility.
16-06-23 -121
This is Moose Country and we felt really lucky to have a sighting.
16-06-23 -119
We hiked West Branch Trail that started at this spot.
16-06-23 -124
We only went about 3.5 miles before the trail was completely overtaken by the river. We were not up for a wet crossing so just enjoyed the ferocity of the current with a picnic lunch.
16-06-23 -125
The spring green colors along the trail.
16-06-23 -120
Henry wedged the Travato along the river for a few nights at this sight. It was quiet and very peaceful.
16-06-23 -127
We did not have any great sunsets but this is the river view from our campsite.
16-06-23 -128
We got in a few S’Mores before the intense rain storm. Life is good!


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