Travato is Welcomed to Colorful Colorado

16-06-09 -049
Early morning departure from Santa Fe after a great dinner party at our friends.
16-06-09 -050
We nabbed two good campsites – one for their airstream and another from Travato.
16-06-09 -052
Ready to walk to Medano Creek and the dunes.
16-06-09 -054
The afternoon thunderstorm is building but we are enjoying the river and surges while we can.
16-06-09 -051
Interesting wind patterns.
16-06-11 -086
Another day of lounging on the beach.
16-06-09 -063
Hiked overlook trail near sunset for this view.
16-06-10 -070
Hiked Mosca Pass and enjoyed a picnic lunch here.
16-06-11 -077
An early morning start to hike the dunes. The water was incredibly cold!
16-06-11 -078
Very fun shadows on the dunes. Only an hour to hike to the high dune.


16-06-11 -088
Sunset on our third night.


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