A Travato 59K is waiting for us in Texas

16-06-01 -001

June 1 we flew to San Antonio, Texas. We were chauffeured by Rick, cousin of Barry Gorden (Motown Music Founder), to KerRVille where our van was waiting. We learned so much about how to operate it from Keith, for which we are very grateful. We also appreciate the small town service of Otis, Todd, Shannon and Keri. Thank you so much!

We bought a Winnebago Travato 59K which is a converted RAM 3500 high top extended cargo van. This is the layout of the 21′ length – everything we need!

16-06-01 -004

We did not linger in Kerrville because of the intense rains forecast. We drove to Fredericksburg in the rain and spent the night there. We had a pleasant evening but it did rain all night – so we know our van is waterproof!

16-06-02 -006

Our first National Park with the Travato is LBJ childhood home. The Texas White house is closed due to flooding but we enjoyed our time here very much. Good movies on both LBJ and Lady Bird – seemed like a good start as they did much to preserve some of the beauty of our country.

16-06-02 -009

We took a ranger led tour and sat on the front porch.

16-06-02 -013

16-06-02 -011

We left early and drove to Ft Stockton to skirt all of the storms. We were successful!

16-06-02 -012

Our first purchase was this fresh water hose. Newbies trying to figure this out. We love that the Travato is fully self contained and that the solar panels recharge the “house” battery.

16-06-03 -019

The little kitchenette, 2 coach seats swivel with airline type trays, overhead cabinets have lots of storage, 2 twin beds that can push together and also tilt for reading/TV viewing. Sliding screen door and lots of windows – good cross breezes.

16-06-03 -016

After a visit to Ft Davis Historic Site, and the local library, we headed up into the hills and found this The Nature Conservancy Trail and picnic area.

16-06-03 -017

Seemed like a good spot for wine o’clock and then to spend the night.

16-06-04 -021

Guadalupe National Park with Chollas blooming.

16-06-04 -025

Our camp site for 2 nights. Interior of van is 6′-3″ so Henry does not hit his head.

16-06-04 -026

An automatic awning over the picnic table. Wine O’clock in style!

16-06-05 -033

We got up early and hiked Guadalupe Peak. A 3,000′ elevation gain!

16-06-05 -035

This formation of El Capitan from the top reminded us of Michigan lower peninsula.

16-06-07 -041

What lies ahead? We wander into New Mexico.

16-06-07 -040

The Mexican Trestle Bridge hike in Cloudcroft where we spent a night.

16-06-07 -042

We went to the space museum in Alamogordo. This was the moon model behind Walter Cronkite when he gave all those updates on the astronauts. Pretty interesting that it is preserved here.

16-06-08 -047

Capitan is home of Smokey the Bear and they have a museum to him.


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