Madera Canyon — Coronado National Forest

15-12-18 Madera Canyon 3-Springs -002 Henry

Early December 18, we set out on the 4-Springs Trail and were surprised by the amount of snow still on the ground.

15-12-18 Madera Canyon 3-Springs -001

But great views over Green Valley to the west. We went yesterday to the copper mine discovery center to learn about those retaining ponds and the big plateaus in the valley.

15-12-18 Madera Canyon 3-Springs -004

Following the stream up the canyon was a nice mix of water and ice.

15-12-18 Madera Canyon 3-Springs -005 Pam

Here is one of the springs. We hiked to three of them on a 5-mile loop trail.

15-12-18 Madera Canyon 3-Springs -006

Beautiful clear blue skies brightened our spirits when we got glimpses like this.

15-12-28 Madera Canyon -006 Henry

We went back the following week to do a steep climb to Agua Caliente trail, over to Josephine saddle for lunch and back by the Super Trail for an 8-mile loop. We ended up taking the H&P social trail from Carrie Nation and the mine there, up to the ridge and Jack Mountain. This is the peak of Mt Wrightson.

15-12-28 Madera Canyon -002 Pam

This is the mine on the Carrie Nation Trail. We started the day hiking at 43 degrees and finished at 47 degrees – it did feel warmer in the sun. And was in the 50’s when we returned to the casita.

15-12-28 Madera Canyon -003 Henry

Who let the bears out?

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