Pima Canyon Trail in Santa Catalina Foothills

14-12-24 Pima Canyon -005
Pima Canyon trailhead was near our condo and a lovely trail following a stream.
14-12-24 Pima Canyon -007
Such sparkling sunshine.
14-12-24 Pima Canyon -008
Looking the other direction. The rock formations are a gneiss – like an Oreo cookie with the black and white layers.
14-12-24 Pima Canyon -014
We saw this beautiful sculpture and wondered how many others had been observant enough to spot it.
14-12-24 Pima Canyon -003
Little islands growing in the rock. The “moss” plant only greens for a few days after it receives moisture.
14-12-21 Loews Ventana Resort -001
An evening stroll at the Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort led us to this natural waterfall above the resort. It is kept flowing year round with pumps.
14-12-21 Loews Ventana Resort -007
We enjoyed this fabulous sunset there overlooking the infinity pond – such a calm evening produced the mirror like conditions.


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