Mt Lemmon Road Daytrippers

14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -006
We motored the MINI on fine morning up Mt Lemmon through Santa Catalina National Forest, just North of Tucson and Saguaro NP East.
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -005
Views across Tucson were a bit hazy but very scenic. We were loving the Saguaro forest!
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -012
We thought this looked like a blindfolded duck…interesting to see all the Lime Green Lichen.
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -013
And here is the same rock formation from above.
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -017
Enjoying the views from Windy Point with the last sips of coffee.
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -016
Really really interesting geography!
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -028
On top of the World!
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -018
Snow near the top in Summerhaven – lots of kids sledding and playing.
14-12-22 Mt Lemmon -033
In the afternoon, we hiked the Babad Do’ag trail (Tohono O’odham for “Frog Mountain”) off the Catalina Highway.

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