Sabino Canyon – walking the road

14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -008
This is Christmas Day but it feels and looks more like fall. Who knew the cottonwoods would still have their leaves.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -001
The CCC created the road with bridges that are also dams. So the road crosses the creek several times creating these wonderful, inviting pools. Today was perfect for reflecting.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -012
It is about a 3-mile walk down the road to this relaxing spot, behind Tram Stop #8.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -014
Laying on our backs, we watched the clouds skipping across the mountains.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -009
Henry was fascinated with the smooth rocks, how the water had worn them and was pooled in pockets.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -010
Small water falls today and the water level is fairly full.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -018
A Road Runner came out to say hello and created a nice distraction.
14-12-25 Sabino Canyon -022
Our volunteer friends said to stop by so we did for some fresh cookies. This Saguaro had all clouds pointing towards it saying LOOK AT ME!

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