Hot Air Balloons in Pagosa Springs, CO

A gorgeous Saturday morning in Pagosa Springs!
It is fun being on the field before the balloons go up to see some silhouettes, the gas flames, and the baskets up close.
Beautiful colors! Oh – they are calling it The Color Fest.
Makes you want to sing ” Up, Up, and Away in my beautiful balloon”.
Even the Jester was smiling and having a good time.
We wandered over to the river walk.
And watched some balloons do a touch and go in the San Juan River.
Or just take a break and people watch the people watching!
Fun to also watch from the ramada next to the deepest hot springs in the world.
Oh – we got them to line up: one, two, three, four!
We returned in the evening for a band, a sunset, and a glow from the gas flames on a countdown from 10.

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