Family Memories

Happy faces – good to enjoy the family.
What is more fun than taking a three year old to the zoo!
Maybe driving your own sports car in the yard – with your favorite play mate to push you?
Or a walk to the store with undivided attention?
Another beautiful family face in a selfie with his aunt.
Brothers enjoying having additional play mates to make a foursome for Monopoly.
The little sister is a bit camera shy – or maybe just busy with her other cousins.
It is make your own pizza night. We have coordinated our visit to be with my parents from Michigan.
We enjoyed some time in Evergreen – You never know when your last time to be with someone might be. This will be my memory.
Very fun taking pictures of Evergreen Lake, the shore and the reflections.
And lots of elk to get some close up photos. My Dad, the photographer, was especially thrilled. Pictures from enjoying time with them in Summit County earlier this year
We went to Miami to visit another Mom and her care giver – a celebration lunch.
Three generations of beautiful women! The little one is getting strong and preparing those legs to walk! She has grown a lot!
An unexpected trip to Michigan. Dad fell off a ladder while working on his beautiful home. He was having a regular day, doing his chores, on the property he loved.
A family reunion – the day after the memorial service.
Thank you Dad for all the wonderful memories, for providing the family with your love and guidance, and for being with us for so many years. I will miss you.

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