Cullera, Spain

Our new apartment in Cullera has this tile work in the lobby.
It must have been inspired by the view from our balcony! That peak in the distance is the lighthouse near Javea/Denia and Calpe is just south of it.
This is the view of Cullera from the balcony at sunrise with the mountains.
We saw a school of Dophins swim by chased by a few gulls.
This is the long Cullera Beach with a great promenade. Our apartment is in one of those tall rise buildings at the end of the harbor.
The apartment is actually closer to the Faro de Cullera than the town proper and there is a nice long beach on this side as well.
Reaching for the stars! The Hands – a sculpture honoring those who took shelter in the Dragut pirate cave during the Spanish Civil War.
Cullera rowing club across the Jucar River in downtown area.
Estany Lake just to the south is a mix of fresh spring water with the open salt water sea that harbors unique fish species.
And of course Cullera has a castle on the hill!
We could always return to enjoy the balcony over the Mediterranean Sea.

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