Turron in Jijona

Christmas season usually includes a bit of Turron almond sweets both Blando (soft) and Alicante (hard like a peanut brittle). We happen to be near where it is made so we set off for a day trip.
Museo del Turron is in Jijona (or Xixona) west of Alicante, in an agricultural region that grows almonds and honey.
In the 1800’s they used to grind the almonds kneeling behind these stone slabs pressing the rollers with their weight – much like the manos and metatas of the Ancient Americans.
The local almonds are round and mixed with local honey before being baked and packaged. We were able to look down on the factory floor and see how it is done today.
This 1920’s Rolls Royce truck is just back from a holiday promotion tour in Madrid.
On the way home we drove a mountainous route that started in Alcoy. A lot of motor cycles and road bikes on the road – more fun for them than for us, since the road was endless switchbacks and curves.

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