2/8: Nevada Basins and Ranges

Great Basin National Park: We hiked to the last glacier in Nevada at Wheeler Peak.
We enjoyed the ancient Bristlecone Pine forest on the way – marveling at the longevity of these old trees. Do you know the Prometheus story?
These trees are so special and we are so fortunate to have the oldest trees on earth here in the southwest.
So sculptural with all the forces of nature.
We were lucky to be here for the 10th annual astronomy event so we enjoyed star gazing and lectures. This is also the most fall color we saw as we documented 31,000 miles on the van.
Our departure morning as there is a winter storm approaching. We will miss the snow heading a bit farther south – but not the winds.
The White River Narrows Archaeological District of Basin and Range national Monument, created in 2015. An amazing amount of petroglyphs.
We dispersed on BLM land just off the road here so we could hike to all the archeology sites. Can you spot the Travato in the Basin?
Most petroglyphs are carved in boulders. They are actually a bit difficult to spot. There are no marked trails but we enjoyed just hiking around and contemplating history.
Some of these sheep are life sized!
Rock art by desert archaic people.
Mount Irish area rock art includes a distinctive anthropomorphic image called Pahranagat Man.
Or is that Pahmranagat Woman?

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