Chaco Culture National Historic Park


Smokey decided we were eligible for lifetime senior pass.
So we headed a bit south to explore our cultural heritage.
And to see the iconic Pueblo Bonito.
This was our first half price campsite now that we are of that distinguished age.
Water is always an issue – such an interesting location that was chosen.
Lucky we got to watch a spring storm roll in.
It gave the walls and rocks another dimension of color to Pueblo Kin Keltso.
Pueblo Kin Kletso is the start of a hike to top of mesa.
A bit of a slot canyon hides the trail
Allows you to look back down on Kin Kletso.
And even see the river in the Chaco Canyon.
View of Pueblo Bonito from top is outstanding.
As is adjacent Pueblo Chetro Ketl.
An appreciation of the magnitude of scale is had by walking through the ruins.
And getting an interior perspective. Magnificent craftsmanship! Truly amazing to appreciate the amount of work.
William Henry Jackson discovered this prehistoric stairway carved in the sandstone cliff when he was photographing this area in 1877. It is believed to be part of the Chaco Road system heading to the north.
Is there really an end to the trail? How far do these roads travel?
Guess it is time to head back to the Travato and make our way north…
But first another hike down the valley to Pueblo Wijiji.

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