Phoenix Meet-Up 2019

Heading towards Phoenix on Salt River Canyon’s long and winding road.
Check out the map – we are not making up the twisties.
What a trail blazer!
It felt like we had escaped winter when we saw this palm tree.
The bridge we had just crossed at the bottom of the canyon – all carved by this Salt River!
Sunset on the Superstitious mountains in Lost Dutchman State Park.
Nice to be winter hiking with our friends again in Arizona.
We shared J & J’s campsite and took turns hosting dinners. Sunshine but temps were chilly.
We enjoyed some full moon strolls. Good to be back among the saguaros.
We day tripped to Tortilla Flats.
Fun restaurant with moola wall papered on every square inch. Also the ladies rooms was a hoot.
And got our Arizona Hunting Permit….Ha Ha Ha.
We motored across the valley to Sun City to meet up with Mom and family again.
Looking very good! We went back to Biltmore for another excellent lunch on the patio.
The family photo in the lush gardens. R & S: thanks for hosting us at your place!Link to our photos from last year.
On the road again – what an interesting view of saguaros paired with snow covered mountains.
Camped for a couple nights near Mogollon Rim.
Petrified Forest National Park!
There are also petroglyphs here
As well as petrified wood. Entire trees filled with minerals.
Very fun to see this ancient forest ruins.
El Morro National Monument was our next over night, like so many travelers before us. Can you imagine carving this beautiful signature in the rock?
We climbed to the top of the mesa for the view and to explore the ruins. Link to our photos from previous visit.
We lingered a few nights, for a few hikes at El Malpais National Monuments before heading home.

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