On the road to Kansas – revisiting sights we enjoy

Looking back at Wolf Creek Pass from Del Norte – we had rainy weather but managed to miss the snow storm.
We found a nice spot to park near Penitente Canyon to enjoy the cooler weather.
The La Garita supervolcanic eruption, along with 17 other volcanic eruptions, millions of years ago left these special rock formations.
There were little details like these lichen to enjoy as well.
The Travato is in the rear view of the MINI – it is usually the other way around! The miles feel longer when we are each driving.
Our same campsite at Sand Dunes National Park – but now with fresh snow on the mountains!
And fall color! But the snow has refreshed Medano Creek so it is flowing this late in the year.
Picturesque to walk along the creek.
Especially at sunset.
Enjoying the storm clouds build from our camp spot. Here is the link to other pictures from our last visit http://tealsky.com/2016/06/12/travato-is-welcomed-to-colorful-colorado/
Revisiting Picketwire Canyon, we hiked to the Dinosaur Tracks again in Comanche National Grassland but didn’t stay at the same wonderful camp because of the threatening rain.
The site is looking more like this today than a desert, but we didn’t see any dinosaurs!
The tracks were not so visible as we saw last year. http://tealsky.com/2016/11/05/eastern-colorado-plains/
The raging river kept us from crossing to the other side.
But the tarantulas were crossing the roads. There were lots and lots of them: It is mating season!
You want to cross the road: What is the magic word?
We enjoyed a beautiful full harvest moon rise from our camp site.
We went back for a morning hike in historic Vogel Canyon.
The fog and full ponds of water made it different than last time – a real change from the dust bowl era.
On the road again across the eastern plains to Kansas, under more threatening skies.


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