Sabino Canyon – Tucson, AZ — First Week/Full Moon

Our hiking friends helped us snag a volunteer position with Coronado National Forest. We work three days a week in full uniform in exchange for this camp spot next to our friends.
Warning – you might get tired of the sunsets!!!
Or sunsets with moon rises…
The full moon over Blackett’s Ridge was beckoning us to come for a closer look.
So we headed out the next afternoon for our own sunset/moon rise hike up the ridge. J & J are staying in Catalina so they could partake in this adventure.
Enjoying the views of Tucson in the warm afternoon light. We really enjoyed all the city lights sparkling on our way down.
We made it to the top of the ridge in time to enjoy a bit of dinner with the view.
The most gorgeous sunset ever!!!!! It can’t even be captured in a panorama but we had a 360 view – wow! It was so worth it in spite of the challenge of hiking down in the moon shadows.
The next day we took off to hike Seven Falls while the water levels were lower for the seven creek crossing.
Sunrise as we reported for our second day of work – we need to be there at 7:00 AM so we bought an alarm clock! Are we still retired?
Rain brings its own beauty (picture taken from the Travato)– we got a reprieve from a day of work due to too much rain. Our duties are to keep the public areas tidy, clean, and safe to enhance the visitor experience.

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