Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 2017

We were on the road in the rain on New Year’s Day leaving Green Valley in the rear view mirror. Glad we had packed the van the day before! We arrived in Organ Pipe Cactus with some nice low clouds but the sun shining on us.
We picked a great site a bit further south than last year’s but an auspicious number….maybe?


Meeting up with our full time RV friends to start the New Year on the right foot! We toasted with champagne and had a mini-quiche happy hour after a pleasant stroll around the campground.
We had a gourmet meal of crab cakes from the professional chef – graduate of Cordon Blu Pasadena! Followed with a cheese platter and port. I am intimidated but the next day, we fixed our Spanish Bean Soup with fresh baked rolls in the convection oven which was well received by all. Whew!
A drive around Ajo Mountain and a hike to the arches. Who is blogging about who?
Looking good coming up the mountain trail.
The guys ready to tackle the arch.
It is necessary to walk back down on the other side to see this view of the arch.
It doesn’t seem this large – the distance is so deceiving.
Back in time for wine o’clock on the picnic table.
We all piled into Bill – a 4-wheel drive Ram pickup truck – to explore an area we had never been. On the Mexican border, the western side of the park.
The rare little pupfish were in this pond – quite a surprise that it was so large.
Wouldn’t you like to know Jose’s story of how he got from Brest, France to here and why?



Entertaining in the van – we fixed BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and were surprised with a pre birthday desert. Mmmmm raspberries and chocolate! Here is the link to Joan and Jim’s pictures
Sunset from the van – who could ask for a better view! See our last years pictures of this fabulous National Monument

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