Little Book Cliffs and Palisades

This area is where the wild mustangs range so we decided to spend some time looking for them.
These were the only horses we saw but we did see piles of wild stallion dung marking their territory and hoof prints coming down to the creek.
It was a beautiful hike even without the wild mustangs! We met up with friends from Denver in Palisades for lunch – and a bit more wine tasting!
Bookcliffs winery had a vineyard tour before the WineFest in Palisades.
We had the opportunity to compare and taste the different grapes – Tempranillo, Merlot, Sryah, Cab Sav! We learned the first day of frost is usually mid November and last is mid April so a long growing season – perfect for all the produce grown here.
Then we went on the Palisade Rim hike above the vineyards looking across the Grand Valley.
An interesting canyon behind the rim, away from the noise of the highway and railroad.
And petroglyphs of elks!

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