Historical Route Back to Colorado

Pipestone National Monument is all about the perfect stone to make pipes. This Indian face looks out over the quarries where the best veins of the stone lie.
I appreciated the Colorado  connection – imagine Freemont’s time and traveling this country in 1838. We spent the night in South Dakota at an Indian Casino – how times have changed!
We spent the day at Lewis and Clark Lake, a dammed up area along the Missouri. We took a tour of the dam, watched a movie in the visitor center, and had found this spot to camp for the night!
Spirit Mound Historical Site was one of the first land areas along the Missouri that Lewis and Clark came ashore to explore.
This is a description of what L & C experienced.
And we did see the buffalo at this monument for the signing of a Sioux treaty.
Looking across the Missouri River from South Dakota to Nebraska.
The cliffs along the shore – very picturesque!
The country side near the Niobrara National Scenic River.
Believe it or not – we have put 9,000 miles on our van as we head across the plains of Colorado!
We spent another wonderful evening with our friends in Ft Collins. G helped H level the van with a lift and we were shocked how much off level we had been!
Our nephew is trying to patent a game the has invented – we got to watch and learn the rules.
Such a joy to spend time with this delightful girl…
and her happy, fun loving brothers. So glad we had some more time together!
Our camping spot on Vail Pass with a morning hike to Shrine Pass.

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