North Shore of Lake Superior – Grand Marais, Minnesota

16-08-25 -107
When we arrived at Artists Point in Grand Marais, The Boss (Lake Superior) was no longer calm and placid.
16-08-25 -109
The big noisy waves were very interesting to watch.
16-08-25 -122
I enjoyed the cascades and waterfalls made with each wave that crashed on shore – such a pleasant rock outcropping added a lot of appeal.
16-08-25 -118
Fun to photograph! Trying to catch the wave as it breaks on the rocks.
16-08-25 -114
Can you feel the spray?
16-08-26 -125
We left the storm behind us as we headed to Superior National Forest and the Boundary Water Canoe Wilderness Area.
16-08-26 -126
A view from the top of Eagle Mountain looking over all that wilderness!
16-08-26 -127
This is the highest point in Minnesota at 2,206 feet above sea level. Lake Superior is about 600 feet above sea level for a reference point.
We returned to Artist Point after a very lovely community picnic at the Grand Marais library – a very nice town. A talented stone artist left these balanced pinnacles for all to enjoy.
It is wonderful to have the opportunity to experience the same beach in the calm after the storm with these great puddles full of reflections.
And the late afternoon sun added such a nice warm color to the detail.
Even the birds were enjoying themselves.
Fabulous sunset – it was difficult to know which direction to point the camera.
The harbor had its own beauty
But this captures it best – just being out and enjoying the colors and the beauty. I am so glad we have had this opportunity to spend time this summer with the Great Lakes!

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