North Shore of Lake Superior – Duluth to Tofte, Minnesota

16-08-21 -041
Sunday morning in Duluth to see the Tall Ships (see separate entry) and we visited with some friends of friends to get some ideas of what to see along the coast.
16-08-21 -044
A quick stop at Gooseberry Falls on our way to a night at Silver Bay.
16-08-21 -046
Gooseberry had this monument to the CCC workers – we appreciate their craftsmanship and all they did to build our great parks.
16-08-22 -051
Beaver River Falls as seen from Highway 61.
16-08-22 -053
We hiked up river for a closer look.
16-08-22 -055
Some nice little cascades as well.
16-08-22 -057
And some fun patterns made by the water.
16-08-22 -060
The rugged coast line of Lake Superior – Volcanic Basalt here not sandstone.
16-08-22 -065
Split Rock Light House in the distance.
16-08-22 -069
It was interesting to study it a while from this vantage point – and to people watch as many came down to the beach to look at it after their tour.
16-08-22 -074
Interesting proportions but it works very well.
16-08-22 -070
The other direction is just as beautiful.
16-08-22 -075
This is Black Beach in Silver Bay. Well worth the visit. They also have Pebble beach, Agate beach and Peach beach.
16-08-24 -092
And looking the other direction on Black beach.
16-08-24 -093
A detail shot of the Black beach and the peach granite. It looked like a fish to me – ha!
16-08-23 -077
Palisade Point cliff is full of rock climbers this morning.
16-08-23 -076
The view from there is breathtaking! There is a freighter pulling in for iron ore in Silver Bay.
16-08-23 -081
We hiked to High Falls in Tettegouche State Park.
16-08-23 -082
Oh – there is a third one around the corner – very loud!
16-08-23 -083
Interesting to hike to the top.
16-08-23 -084
And across this swinging foot bridge.
16-08-23 -087
Back on the coast admiring this view of Palisade Point.
16-08-23 -086
And looking the other direction where a friendly visitor took our picture.
16-08-23 -090
We enjoyed wine o’clock looking at this view – noting the 15% slant angle on all of the outcroppings
16-08-24 -095
Temperance River Falls – Look another falls and another walk through thick forests where you can’t see anything until you are right at the falls.
16-08-24 -099
Sugarloaf Interpretive Center was a large logging area and this ring is left over from that era of collecting all the logs on shore to be pulled across Lake Superior
16-08-24 -100
Tofte Town Park was a nice place to enjoy the water along with the seagulls.
16-08-24 -101
And to catch a nice sunset.

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