Sabino Canyon

15-12-25 Sabino Canyon Lake Trail -002

For our second annual Christmas Day hike in Sabino Canyon, we started with a detour to the lake area for a picnic lunch.

15-12-25 Sabino Canyon Lake Trail -006 Henry

How about this peaceful spot along the river?

15-12-25 Sabino Canyon Lake Trail -009 Pam

I could relax here for a while! Nice temps today in the upper 50’s with lots of sunshine.

15-12-25 Sabino Canyon Lake Trail -005

Put ’em up pardner!

15-12-25 Sabino Road Hike -002 Pam Henry

We joined up with our friends to hike the road since we don’t have to share the road with the shuttles today. Nice to have someone take our picture!

15-12-25 Sabino Road Hike -007 Roger

Ha – we all had to wash our feet before going past the first bridge! Two others had water on them but we could jump across on rocks.

15-12-25 Sabino Road Hike -005

Other areas the water was as calm as could be with some great reflections.

15-12-25 Sabino Road Hike -010

Our destination again was the pools by the second to last shuttle stop. We did walk all the way to the end but decided to come back by the road rather than on a trail.

15-12-25 Sabino Road Hike -011 Henry

That is not a crossing! Three more to go on the way back. We then headed over to our friends for an excellent dinner before the hour drive back to our casita.

Link to last year’s photos

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