Adams County Xeric Garden Wins Golden Shovel Award

13-06-18 Adams Cactus Garden (21)
Plant Select delosperma John Profit ice plants were blooming in this photo taken June 18. This dry-land garden features Plant Select cultivators as well as many native plants that flourish in our Steppe climate.
2014-10-08 Golden Shovel Award (1)
Plant Select’s coveted annual Golden Shovel Award goes to an outstanding public demonstration garden. This is indeed wonderful recognition for the vision, implementation, and dedication to keep it maintained by Adams County Colorado Master Gardeners.
13-06-18 Adams Cactus Garden (25)
We also planted boulders to give the demonstration garden a very native Colorado plateau feeling. First boulders were planted in 2009 with the plants following.
Thad's pic of Pam and Henry
The Architect and the Master Gardener consult the plan to determine where to install the rock mulch. This is summer of 2010 – a small group of us led the design efforts. We were thankful for all that helped with the labor!
13-06-18 Adams Cactus Garden (28)
Another June view of penstemons blooming along another pathway.
13-06-18 Adams Cactus Garden (4)
Many cuttings were supplied by Denver Botanic Garden to start our amazing cactus collection. Other plants supplied by Mountain States Nursery in Phoenix, Timberline Garden in Arvada, and Little Valley Nursery in Brighton.
14-06-19 Adams Co Garden (4)
This is the reason we garden – gorgeous blooms for us and the pollinators.

Beauty is in the details

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