Dinosaur National Monument

14-09 Wyoming-Colo -076 Dinosaur NM Utah
Green River Campground – sunset while listening to a ranger talk on NPS. They had slept in 51 parks…while stargazing that evening by the river in campsite #77, we figured we had slept in 39 national park sites. The stars and Milky Way were incredible and it was warm enough evening to enjoy lingering and appreciating the Enormity-of-it-All.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -084 Dinosaur NM Confluence Green-Yampa
After picnicking at Echo Park overlook, we hiked to Harpers Corner Overlook spectacular viewpoint. Not the distance of our Green River to Desert Voices to Sound of Silence hike yesterday, but very enjoyable. This overlooks the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -090 Dinosaur NM Yampa
Camping by the Yampa river, we had this spectacular sunset. Stargazing again was wonderful. We felt refreshed from splashing around in the river before dinner.
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -093 Dinosaur NM Yampa
An early morning hike on the Yampa. What a sight!
14-09 Wyoming-Colo -102 Rabbit Ears Pass
We spent a couple nights near Steamboat Springs and hiked Rabbit Ears Pass, where this photo was taken.

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