Hardanger Bridge – Norway 23/26

The Hardanger suspension bridge is the longest tunnel to bridge to tunnel in the world. It is the longest suspension bridge in Norway and one of the longest in the world.
There is a viewing area so you can see the bridge disappear into a tunnel. This bridge is longer than the Golden Gate Bridge. Impressive.
There is a pedestrian/bike tunnel as well to access going across the bridge.
Blue sky. A fun bridge to experience. These supports are both on land, not in the fjord.
Nicely designed cable supports. That is all that is holding up this roadway?
How lucky we were to see this beautiful rainbow cross the bridge as well.
This is the Hardanger Tunnel Roundabout. There is a roundabout in the tunnel. Really – there is a roundabout in the tunnel. This looks like a movie set out of Mission Impossible!
Heading towards Bergen we stopped in the town of Kinsarvik and saw this double rainbow.
Back at Saebo cabin we saw yet another rainbow, now over Eidfjordvatnet. A magical day.

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