Storfjorden and Hjorundfjorden – Norway 11/26

A beautiful morning as we daytripped from our cabin in Sjoholt and crossed the Storfjoden to Sykkylven.
Sykkylven is where the Ekornes furniture is manufactured and this was our motivation to visit this Norwegian fjord. A pleasant community in a stunning location.
The Ekornes Stressless chairs we ordered in March and while we waited 4 months for them to cross the ocean we decided it was time to take our first trip to Norway!
We took another ferry across Hjorundjorden to explore that peninsula.
One of the beautiful Sunmore Alps as the fall colors are highlighted with a bit of sunshine.
Further inland a storm is brewing on the Hjorundjorden.
There is almost no sense of scale but you can see a ship silhouetted.
Some of our exploring was a bit wet but we were rewarded with this rainbow on our return to the cabin.

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