Georgia On My Mind

Madam President. A replica of Carter’s oval office in Plains Georgia.
1976 was our first presidential election to vote in. We enjoyed the high school museum in President Carter’s hometown.
Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon has the only Art Deco visitor center in the National Park Service. These mounds here were excavated by the Smithsonian in the 1930’s.
This exhibit demonstrated how much work it was to build the mounds. The baskets when filled with mud weighed about 60 pounds.
Governor Jimmy Carter was involved with developing this State Park.
A variety of wildlife to see including herons, overwintering vultures, and common moorhens.
We stayed 2 nights so had plenty of time to walk the trails.
And to stretch our muscles a bit from all the driving!
2,836 miles completed to Florida!

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