On the road to Arkansas

After a few weeks of enjoying the comforts of home…
We started a trip to Florida –  glad for the dry roads near South Fork.
Capulin Volcano National Monument (NM) was our first lunch stop.
We walked the rim of the cauldera.
We camped at Clayton Lakes State Park with these amazing dinosaur tracks.
After a great dinner/camp with family, we paid our respects to Oklahoma City National Memorial honoring the lives lost April 19,1995.
We spent the night at Chickasaw National Rec Area. We are going to follow the sad trail to Shiloh. Such tragic history to displace people from their home land.
Historic Washington State Park in Arkansas had this magnolia tree planted in 1839.
Bois D’Arc Lake near Hope after visiting President Clinton’s boyhood home.
We enjoyed relaxing and watching the sunset on Bois D’Arc Lake.
We walked around the grounds of President Clinton’s library in Little Rock on the Arkansas River.
An interesting art exhibit of climate change globes like this on pollinators.
We drove by the 1915 state capitol, a replica of the national capitol.Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site commemorated the bravery of black students that were our nation’s first to desegregate here in 1957.

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