North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Starting our drive across the country…
It is all in how your measure it.
A nice reservoir here to enjoy a quiet evening.
Gorgeous reflections this morning on the Little Missouri in Theodore Roosevelt National Park – South Unit.
Watching a herd of Bison crossing the Little Missouri – water low enough we could cross also.
A Bison traffic jam. We are late to start a hike!
Seeing the Bison up close from the van.
The historic original entrance gate to the National Park before it was rerouted through Medora, ND.
Amazing CCC stone work with precise joints.
Wild horses or as the rangers say feral horses but they have been here a long time.
Theodore Roosevelt’s hunting cabin – this was where he came for his solitude.
Hiked the Caprock Coulee Trail in North Unit with a stop at River Bend Overlook and the CCC structure.
Hoodoos in the badlands. We saw a bunch of petrified wood also.
A geological phenomenon called concretions – bowling ball type of rocks embedded in other rock.
Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site – we were here also 10 years ago.
The display hasn’t changed but we enjoyed being able to be here again.
Driving across country we passed KVLY-TV Tower, Western Hemisphere’s Tallest Structure at 2,063 ft is in North Dakota.

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