Tesla Model 3: Electrifying!

Tesla Model 3 is our choice for our new electric car! It is a very smooth and high tech ride.
We ordered with an 8 week delivery but were offered a show room model so we headed out to pick up with our lunch stop at Lathrop State Park – gorgeous day.
We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at beautiful Pueblo Lake State Park.
After many months of research we had decided that we would go all electric as it is important to lead the way into mitigating climate change.
We arrived well rested to do a thorough walk through of the new 2021 Tesla.
Our first Tesla supercharger stop in Poncho Springs, Colorado – we saw 5 other Teslas pull in while we were there. A happening spot!
We made time to take a walk at Sand Dunes National Park.
A favorite photo under 14 thousand foot Blanca Peak, south of the Sand Dunes. Very red white and blue! Wonderful to buy an American car of such quality.
We also had time on our way home to see some of the Sandhill Cranes in Monte Vista on their northern migration.
The glow of the setting sun as we start our adventures with the 2021 Tesla and the 2016 Travato.

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