Summer Visitors 2019

Canada Geese have offsprings. Luckily not too many eggs hatched on “Bird Island” but it is still fun to watch the goslings.
These offsprings came to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with us.
We all enjoyed hanging around the lake shore and enjoying the first Summer like day.
Lots of excitement with first fish caught.
We wrapped up the day with a round of Mini Golf and Pizza.
We headed South in early June to hike with college friends.
What a crew! We camped along the Rio Chama in New Mexico – 5 dispersed sites together.
And drank too much Monks Ale, made at this monastery at the end of the road.
We did enjoy the scenery and hiking as well as the friendship.
We picked up this visitor near the Irish Embassy in Durango, CO. Highly recommend the batter fried fish and chips!
And had a great week together!
We enjoyed many opening night performances with our summer season tickets.
We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
And appreciated many beautiful sunsets from our deck.

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