A Tucson Birthday Celebration

A special three dimensional card made by my friend Wendy in Spain – can’t believe it has been 10 years since we met them and been together. Very nice we still communicate! This card is more beautiful in person with the amethysts and pearls. I am loving the squirrels.
Happy hour party with our friends! We met all 4 years ago: fun to get everyone together.
Burgers and beer on Zinburger’s patio in front of the fireplace.
And of course some wine…a Mischief Red. Appropriate!
M & R surprised me with a gorgeous and yummy cake. We divided into 8 pieces and devoured the entire delight!
J & J brought some gifts for the aging – a diaper, um, swim suit bag – and assistance for those difficult jars.
The next night, we indulged with a nice quiet meal out. And more wine.
And more desert!
And the next night, we celebrated with champagne, flan, and strawberries…
with some more cards and gifts….
…and friends bearing consumable gifts. Good we will be able to keep the party going for a while!

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