Lost Man Trail, Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness, White River National Forest

And this is the Roaring Fork River – the start of our hike off Independence Pass at 12,095′.
This is the funkiest bridge crossing but our feet stayed dry. See the Western Wagon Blog for each of our distinct bridge crossing styles!
STOP! Hold that pose. Dancing across the snow fields.
Well, will you just look at all that beauty.
Ephemeral streams with lots of wildflowers taking advantage of the moisture.
This reminded me of the patterns seen from our plane ride over Ft Collins.
Summit of panoramic Lost Man Pass (12,815-ft.) – we decided not to descend to the lake but turned around.
As it was so beautiful hiking up we still had plenty to enjoy.
Maybe we should sit awhile and soak up the ambience with some sunshine.
Enjoying Independence Lake.
Will that snow bridge over the stream hold the weight this man?
Yes it will – how fun is that!
Parting friends, our last shot of the Roaring Fork before relaxing at Difficult Campground, and a baked chicken dinner among the aspens. Another link to Western Wagon Blog

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