Green Valley Arizona for December

We found this 2-bed/2-bath townhouse with a driveway 12″ longer than the van.
It has this great patio with mountain view for our enjoyment.
This roadrunner wants to be fed and he is persistent but we are more stubborn. We are however keeping the hummingbird feeder filled.
Beautiful sunrises with real brewed coffee! What a great way to start the day. Water aerobics at 9 if you want to venture to the pool.
Or go to watch the sunset over the Santa Rita’s.
We met up with our friends for a hike at Saguaro National Park West followed by a concert on the patio to watch the full moon rise.
Enjoying the sunset with our snacks before the concert.
It is so nice to be among the saguaros again – they are just too picturesque!
And the sunsets just so spectacular! The guitar music was also very good – wonderful evening tho the moon rose through clouds.
White Christmas with snow in the Santa Rita’s.
We enjoyed walking around the condo development on the way to an ice cream social with the neighbors we borrowed tools from.
The next day our friends came down for some fresh pulled pork BBQ sandwiches on the back patio – we had a group walk first in McGee Ranch area. See our get together from last year’s visit to Canoa Ranch
A final sunset as we finish our month here – lots of good relaxing from our month out of the van!

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