Oklahoma – Texas Panhandles

On the road again in the flat lands!
Peace Chief Black Kettle survived Sand Creek Massacre but did not survive this massacre. We spent the night nearby in the Black Kettle Grasslands.
Imagine those that escaped by hiding in these grasses. We enjoyed seeing it at sunset.
Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in Texas was our next stop – we spent our first night here as it was quite windy.
This bull snake was enjoying some sunshine. We had not seen them flatten their heads like this.
At the Alibates Flint Quarry National Monument, we took a guided hike up to see these ancient quarries of the beautiful stones.
At the visitor center, we watched Ed Dey, flint knapper, shape one of these stones into a small masterpiece. He also regaled us with some stories.
This was the beautiful arrowhead he created that we were given as a souvenir. Nice! We really appreciated it.
Our second night we spent higher on the bluffs – as you can see there was no wind!
And enjoyed this gorgeous sunset – they are all nice but we like the lake view as well.
Heading into New Mexico with a bit more wind at our back.
A night at Ute Lake State Park in New Mexico as we head towards Santa Fe for the weekend.

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