Rattlesnake Arches – McInnis Canyon NCA

On the trail again – it was 48 degrees when we started and 64 when we finished. Perfect!
Is that the trail down there? We were not expecting all the elevation gain – we ascended and descended three mesas – both ways!
We are over half way to the arches – it is 7-miles in and 7-miles out!  Most of this trail is in the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness section of McInnis Canyon.
There are 7 arches – a very high concentration for one hike. They were breathtaking and not just because we had hiked 7-miles!
Very fun to appreciate on such a gorgeous day.
This got our vote as the most beautiful arch we have seen. Sorry Utah…
We took too many photos but this upward looking panorama seems to capture the awe of being there.
Walking past it gave a different viewpoint that was also interesting.
This is the last arch we hiked to – there might have been one more but we stopped here to eat and enjoy before heading back.
Fun to climb up for a closer view. Really amazing what nature can do, given enough time.

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