Flat Top Wilderness / Routt National Forest

16-06-28 -156

We found this beautiful campsite with incredible views.

16-06-29 -161

It was a bit extreme to get the final few feet but Travato prevailed.

16-06-28 -158

Wine O’clock while enjoying the expansive views.

16-06-28 -160

Our evening sunset stroll across Gardener Park Reservoir gave a new perspective to Travato. We saw some ducks and a beaver.

16-06-29 -164

We drove to a trailhead by Stillwater Lake to hike the Devil’s Causeway. This is the view before the final assent to the Causeway.

16-06-29 -165

A fellow hiker took our picture – we had both tried to get a photo of the large marmot.

16-06-29 -167

On top of the world after crossing the Devil’s Causeway.

16-06-29 -168

And the view from the other direction. We hung out for a while enjoying a snack. When we left at 11 am, it was clear, by 11:30 the storm clouds had built up, by noon in the Van it started to sprinkle. We stayed a head of it on the 11-mile dirt road drive out. We then drove to Edwards to spend the night with my college roommate.

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