Sold the House

1663 S Elizabeth-small-064-65-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi

We are so happy for the years spent calling this home. We popped the top, all new windows, stucco, roof – a total transformation. The final photos…

1663 S Elizabeth-small-070-69-S Elizabeth Rev-666x445-72dpi 1663 S Elizabeth-small-073-81-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi 1663 S Elizabeth-small-075-77-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi 1663 S Elizabeth-small-076-72-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi 1663 S Elizabeth-small-077-75-S Elizabeth Rev-666x445-72dpi

1663 S Elizabeth-small-078-73-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi1663 S Elizabeth-small-080-76-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi

1663 S Elizabeth-small-082-80-S Elizabeth Rev-666x444-72dpi


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