Catalina State Park

16-01-02 Catalina State Park -001 Henry
We headed to Catalina for the First Saturday Music in the Park series. We got there early enough to enjoy a hike.
16-01-02 Catalina State Park -003
The 50-Year Trail goes along a ridge with lots of great views.
16-01-02 Catalina State Park -005
The saguaros here seem to have more arms than other areas – are they older or a different variety?
16-01-02 Catalina State Park -007 Pam
Warm today – well down right hot with no shade! We had short sleeve on under the sun shirts.
16-01-02 Catalina State Park -010
Very picturesque down by the river. We enjoyed an hour or so of the concert with some fresh popcorn and the incredible mountain views! The drive home was an ever changing variety of colors of sunset to twilight. Very peaceful.

We were here last December for a concert in the park also. That blog posting is

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